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We’ve Helped More Than One Million People Quit—Now It’s Your Turn

Widely regarded as the “Gold Standard” in quit-smoking programs, Freedom From Smoking® was created by the experts at the American Lung Association—an organization with more than 50 years of experience helping smokers quit. We can help you quit too.

Freedom From Smoking Works Because
It’s All About Your Quit Journey

Every person’s experience with quitting smoking is different. The Freedom From Smoking program uses proven activities and tools to help you understand your own relationship with tobacco—and how to say good-bye to smoking for good.

Freedom From Smoking Is Freedom of Choice

FreedomFromSmoking.org is where you’ll find the online version of our course, called Freedom From Smoking® Plus. But we offer the program other ways as well. See which option is best for you:

Freedom From Smoking® Plus

Freedom From Smoking® In-Person Clinic

Freedom From Smoking® Lung HelpLine

Freedom From Smoking® Self-Help Guide

How to Use Freedom From Smoking

Flexible online format includes nine sessions to be completed over a six-week period

We Want You to be a Quitter

If Freedom From Smoking isn't the right program for you, ask your state tobacco quitline or local health department about other options near you.

Know the Benefits of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most insurance plans to offer quit-smoking benefits. This may include quit-smoking medications and counseling services such as the Freedom From Smoking program. Check with your provider for details or learn more at Lung.org/acatoolkit.

Some workplaces also offer Freedom From Smoking to employees as part of health and wellness offerings. Check with your human resources department to see if your company is one of them.

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