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It’s Time to Leave Tobacco Behind

Although the first steps can be hard, finding your path to a smokefree life is easier with the right help. The American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking program is a proven way to quit smoking—and stay quit—even if you’ve tried before and went back to smoking.

With Freedom From Smoking® Plus You Will:

Choose a quit day about three weeks from now, then create a personalized plan to get ready for it. Share your experiences with others going through the same thing in our online community. Learn how quit-smoking medications can increase your chance of quitting for good. Get live support from the quit-smoking specialists at the Lung HelpLine. Build strategies for managing stress, avoiding weight gain and staying active during your quit, and after. Enjoy 24/7 access from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Plus, when you take the course you’ll earn a certificate and maybe save money too!

Ask your employer or insurance provider if completing Freedom From Smoking can lower your health insurance premium.

Freedom From Smoking is Ranked the Most Effective Smoking Cessation Program*

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*Based on a study of 100 managed care organizations conducted by Fordham University School of Business.

Are You Ready to Quit?

This question matters more than you may realize. Studies show you’ll have a better chance of quitting for good if the answer is yes! So what if you’re like a lot of people and still have mixed feelings? That’s okay too. We’ll help you weigh your options before you sign up.

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If your answer to “Are you ready to quit?” is a definite yes, the only thing left to do is decide if Freedom From Smoking® Plus is right for you. Learn more about this online course and other program options.

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It’s important to be confident quitting is possible—and that it’s the best choice for you. Find information that will help you build your motivation.

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Even people who want to quit have mixed feelings. These eight questions can help you decide if you are truly ready despite your doubts, or if you could benefit from some counseling before signing up.

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